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Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about Logo Package Express.

What are the system requirements?

Logo Package Express works on Mac and PC and requires Adobe Illustrator CC 2018 and newer. The extension also automatically detects UK English and USA English.

What's new in Logo Package Express 2.0?

We're so glad you asked! Here's a list of all the delectable updates that are available in the newest release of Logo Package Express:

  • File and folder name customization
  • Padding / clear space
  • Multi-scale export
  • Optional Pantone-first workflow
  • Simplified UI / UX
  • Presets for file naming and scales
  • Cleaner Illustrator file exports
  • Improved inversion process
  • Pantone variations for inverted logos
  • Whole-number color mixes (no more decimals in the color formulas)
  • Native installers for Mac and Windows

Can I use  Logo Package Express on multiple computers?

Yes. Each license for Logo Package Express may be used two times. This means you can install the extension on two computers with the same license key.

You must update to V1.1.0 or higher to use a license key more than once. To update, log in to Gumroad and go to your library. From there you will be able to download the newest version of Logo Package Express.

If you are an agency or educator, and you want to purchase different licenses for multiple users, you should make multiple separate purchases of Logo Package Express — repeating the purchasing process as many times as you need licenses for.

How do I install Logo Package Express

Installing Logo Package Express 2.0 is dead-simple. Once you've downloaded the files, simply right click on the installer file and click open. You can also double click on the installer.

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How do I exclude  logo variations from my logo package?

You may delete any individual logo that you do not want included in your final package. You do not need to delete the artboard. Variations are sorted into rows by color and into columns by component. If you do not want an entire color variation or individual component, you may delete the entire row or column of logos.

How do I export different layouts for my logo?

Sometimes you will have multiple layouts or color schemes for the same logo. In these cases you will need to run Logo Package Express for each individual variation. When you export the files add additional information to the prefix and then export to the same logo package folder for each variation.

Example: you have a vertical and a horizontal layout for the logo. Use "client-horizontal" as the prefix for the horizontal layout and "client-vertical" as the prefix for the vertical layout.

Why aren't EPS files exporting?

EPS files do not export by default because they take a very long time to export when compared with the other file formats. To turn on EPS export go to the settings screen and check EPS under “Print File Formats."

Why does my logo look different after I set it?

Logo Package Express will automatically expand the appearance of your logo and release all clipping masks. This may cause problems with logos that contain very complex shapes. In these cases, make sure to have your artwork expanded before making your selection. Do not use clipping masks in your final logo artwork.

Why aren’t all of the logo variations being generated?

If you are not seeing Pantone variations, check the settings screen. Look under "Pantone Conversion” and make sure that the Coated or Uncoated boxes are checked. Pantone logos are for print only and will not be generated when you click “Make Web Logos.”

If you are missing components, make sure you have set all of the components that make up your logo in the Logo Builder screen.

If you have set all the components, but Logo Package Express is still not generating entire columns, it is possible that the master logo artwork was modified after it was set, which can cause problems. Press reset and delete your current document. Start over and do not modify the master logo artwork after it is set.

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