Export and package more logo files in even less time with the Logo Package Express Adobe Illustrator extension

Requires Adobe Illustrator CC 2018 or higher. Available on Mac and Windows.

Preorder your copy of the Logo Package Express extension early and save a bundle.

The Logo Package Express extension will be available by early May 2019. Pre-order today and receive your copy on launch day — guaranteed.

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The Logo Package Express Illustrator extension is a million times better than the bundle.

Super quick setup

Forget about moving script files to hard-to-find locations on your computer or copying and pasting folder structures. Simply install the extension and start exporting logo packages immediately.

On-the-fly folder structure

You won’t have to run an organizer application because the extension sorts your logos as they are being exported. The extension creates only the folders you needs and puts all the logo files it exports in their appropriate locations.

No more templates

The extension will be sophisticated enough to generate only the artboards you need, so there’s no need to save and open up template files.

Fully automatic recoloring

The most time consuming manual activity in the bundle version of Logo Package Express is the recoloring step. The extension will do all of that for you automatically:

  • Convert CMYK to RGB
  • Convert RGB to CMYK
  • Convert CMYK to Pantone
  • Option to manually recolor logos if Logo Package Express doesn’t get it right

More options for your logos

You will no longer be limited to only three color schemes. The extension will automatically create all the color schemes you need:

  • One color logos (all black)
  • Reverse logos (all white)
  • NEW inverted logos (full color mark with white type)
  • NEW grayscale logos

Logo Package Express now accomodates logos with taglines as well.

Control the size of your logos

Your logo’s physical size will no longer be confined to some template. The Logo Package Extension will generate a new working file from the art you select in your design file.

You’ll also be able to set a pixel width for your JPGs and PNGs.

No tutorial necessary

The Logo Package Express workflow will be so simple that there will be absolutely no need to watch a 12 minute tutorial to learn how to use it. You can hit the ground running and export logos until the cows come home.